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Our program is designed for people who are willing to achieve their financial freedom but unable to do because they are not financial experts

CloudMine Pro is a blockchain-based financial program.

Automatic & innovative compound financial program with the bridge between forex and bitcoin mining.

We offer users a fully operational long-term platform. every user can expand their income by our referral plan, and we use the best technology in bitcoin mining that cause more profit, and also we have a low-risk trade strategy at forex & stock markets

We present a new style of Mining Bitcoin.

With our new generation of generators, we can save electricity.

This style of the generator can operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and also, which regards to Low turn generator activity. It has a longer life and much lower maintenance costs.


CloudMine Pro Roadmap Can Provide You with Financial Freedom in the Blockchain World

Expanding the human network

Making Multiple Wallet of Digital Currency

custom-built exchange

the coin on the custom-built Blockchain

Digital Services Online Trading Platform

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Securing your capital is our only goal.

We have a custom-built team of digital currency miners and professional traders to provide you with the best service.

Wallet and Gateway

You can make money by developing users of portable digital wallets.


Only by investing you can benefit from our unique and profitable Mining Bitcoin method.


We produce a highly profitable workforce with smart robot for trading in Forex and Stock Market with low risk

Multiple profits

Our intelligent robot and bitcoin farm mining can generate huge profits

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Bitcoin Farm Mining

Trade Forex & Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency Arbitrage Bot


Wallet & Gateway

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we try to use the least risky strategy in trading with robots and the workforce.

You are investing in a CloudMine Pro Partner, and we will increase your investment by up to 200%.

Earnings are in equity and depend on daily profits of the company and up to a maximum of 0.6% per day (earnings did not pay on a Saturday or a public holiday)

At least $ 25

The maximum investment limit for each account is $ 50000

Each time you raise the capital you have to pay the difference between the two investment packages

Package purchase from $ 15 to $ 25
Earnings and commissions share 7%

First of all, refer to your referral and, if necessary, the contact section.

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